09 February 2011

Christine Nguyen, superstar

A few weeks back I mentioned that I volunteer once a week at a local museum, and the featured artist, Christine Nguyen (based in L.A.) had amazing work. She grows crystals on found objects, is an amazing photographer, and draws fantastical creatures on vellum and photo paper. The show is almost over, and I will be so sad when it's all packed away and shipped off to its new destination (but lucky, you, Hong Kong citizens)- I want this show to be my living room. It is so peaceful and dreamy.

10 January 2011

fly through the air with the greatest of ease...

Flipping through my 'The Circus: 1870s-1950s' book (Noel Daniel, ed./Taschen), I am reminded again how much I love the circus. Not the lion-taming/elephant-prancing/fighting-bears sort of circus, but the romantic, mythological variety, the sort that no longer exists, and may never have really existed except for in my mind and maybe in a Tom Waits song or two...But maybe this is why I've always liked the tightrope piece by the artist Janine Antoni- she's a dreamer of my same ilk.